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We have been keeping those on the water, safe since 1975.

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Introducing the sMRT Shield, the 406MHz & AIS PLB

The world's first 406MHz & AIS Personal Locator Beacon with Water Activation and Return Link Service (RLS).

Utilising two of the world’s most advanced locating technologies, AIS and 406MHz, the sMRT Shield combines the advantages of both into one device. Suitable for use at sea or on land, the sMRT Shield will keep you safe.

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Saving Lives Since 1975

We have been at the heart of commercial offshore safety, protecting workers around the world with our range of sMRT Man Overboard equipment, since 1975.

Using over 40 years of sea safety experience and expertise, we are now protecting recreational marine users. So whether, you are out sailing the high seas or paddle-boarding around the lake, you can trust us to keep you safe.

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